Our collections are crafted with an emphasis on design, durability, and sustainability, meeting the highest standards of abrasion resistance, flammability, and care.


Specifically, for the contract sector

One is a brand created by Mario Sirtori for the contract sector. One is the symbol that expresses an entrepreneurial idea, a company department, a structure specifically designed for research and production. One is the first number, a starting point. A number that implies exclusivity. A short name that encompasses two generations of history. One Mario Sirtori is founded on the experience of an Italian company that was established in 1955. Specialised in designing and producing premium quality textiles for the furniture industry, we are constantly evolving in-step with the times, while still remaining faithful to our artisanal roots.

A dynamic reality, which has and continues to draw inspiration and stimuli from its passion for fabrics. With One, Mario Sirtori serves architectural studios, designers and companies all over the world with its versatile range of creations, providing not only technological know-how and completely autonomous production line, but also the consultancy of highly qualified technicians, who have all been trained in-house. Because in the world of contract, selectivity requires a certain preparation, constant updates and tailor-made services. Always with an eye to the future, today we share the fruits of our investment – which is the foundation of our corporate culture and tradition – with the companies that decide to entrust us with the task.


high profile

For One Mario Sirtori, quality is the result of a relentless search for excellence. It is an intrinsic value in all of our activities: from the selection of the raw materials, the study of the appropriate technical equipment and keeping an eye on the latest trends, right the way through to design and production, which also means the quality control of the entire production line. And this includes training and customer service too.

This process, which began when our company first started out, allows us to give our very best: a high-end Italian product; the ability to produce elevated production volumes, while never skimming over the details, and concrete results in terms of product innovation and customisation. Diversification has been a fundamental key to our growth. We know that tradition and innovation walk hand-in-hand and that ‘quality’ is also a synonym of ‘sustainability’, a necessary factor that guarantees the use of certified materials and work processes, with a low environmental impact.

We have high expectations, particularly of ourselves, which means we have to work even harder, but we believe this is the only way to guarantee the utmost quality for our clients.


tailor-made services

At One Mario Sirtori we believe in the importance of listening to our clients, but we also believe in stepping out of our comfort zone, because the contract sector is a world apart that demands so much more.

We work with large architectural studios, interior designers, designers with their own requirements and tastes, in a wide variety of areas, including the hospitality, yacht and high profile residential sectors. It’s a clientele that demands a product with exceptional design content; a product that requires a certain mechanical resistance, including resistance to fire and other agents, and it must be durable and easy to maintain.

With this in mind, we provide both standard and bespoke collections, complete with all the necessary certifications. We study and produce personalised fabrics at our factory, according to specific requirements, starting from the search for a particular type of yarn, right the way through to pinpointing the most suitable processing techniques and treatments, such as product enhancements and finishes. We can also produce ‘private label’ products, specifically designed and created for the exclusive use of the client.

hese services are possible because at One Mario Sirtori all the production stages are carried out in-house directly by our company.From processing the yarns, right the way through to dyeing, weaving and finishing the end product.



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